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Lee Womack

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01/12/11 01:27 AM #1    

Elaine Hall (Rowe)

Lee was one of the most talented people I knew ,  She played   strickly  by notes and always had it pecfect reADY FOR OUR chouus {such as it was our chorus could not sing with out her}  We sang at the JEA, We sang at Wsav,Wtoc it was so much fun.  Lee was the LIGHT of our chourus, She was very funny but music wise it was a serious thing,  After High school we heard she made  it big at  THE GRAND OLD OPERY IN  NASHVILLE  TENN.What a perfect job for the perfect music Lady. Then we got  the    news that she had a incuable Blood disease and she was gone.How could that be possible for one that GOD gave so much talent. too .  GOD does not give  a time table so live the life he gives you  as long as he gives you breathe.  Lee did and she was a amazing  girl/I can still see the tinkle in her eye when she played  the  notes and you were susposed to  hit it on key.{ of course}

Rest on peace  Lee

Elaine Hall Rowe 1969

05/19/19 04:02 PM #2    

Joe Upchurch

I have a faded copy of Lee's obit notice in the Savannah Morning News but could not find one online to paste here but did find this tribute to her dad Burl & thought it would be nice to share. When my parents radios were on 'Burl In the Morning', you knew you couldn't change it to The Big Ape!

Savannah Morning News  Posted Aug 14, 2013 

“Burl Womack was a trend-setter in this industry,” said Jerry Rogers, veteran general manager of Savannah’s WRHQ-FM radio. “Before there were people like Howard Stern sharing their lives on the air, there was Burl. He shared everything, including his wife’s passing and the loss of his two children. There was nothing phony about him.”

Womack died last Saturday at his home. He was 90 years old. He had been off the air for some time. It’s a solid bet that anyone under the age of 30 - maybe 40 - had no clue who the guy was. 

Listeners ate it up like free biscuits and gravy. He became an invited guest in people’s homes, day after day.

And that was his secret - he loved his audiences as much as they loved him.

That’s why they were with him when his daughter, Lee, a pianist who worked with the legendary Chet Atkins (a friend of Womack’s), died of leukemia in 1976. That’s why they were with him when Ruth, his first wife, died of a brain tumor in 1979. That’s why they were with him when his daughter Ann passed away in 1991.

“There never has been, nor will there ever be again, someone as big in Savannah radio as Burl Womack,” Rogers said.



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