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Lee Womack

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Elaine Hall (Rowe)

Lee was one of the most talented people I knew ,  She played   strickly  by notes and always had it pecfect reADY FOR OUR chouus {such as it was our chorus could not sing with out her}  We sang at the JEA, We sang at Wsav,Wtoc it was so much fun.  Lee was the LIGHT of our chourus, She was very funny but music wise it was a serious thing,  After High school we heard she made  it big at  THE GRAND OLD OPERY IN  NASHVILLE  TENN.What a perfect job for the perfect music Lady. Then we got  the    news that she had a incuable Blood disease and she was gone.How could that be possible for one that GOD gave so much talent. too .  GOD does not give  a time table so live the life he gives you  as long as he gives you breathe.  Lee did and she was a amazing  girl/I can still see the tinkle in her eye when she played  the  notes and you were susposed to  hit it on key.{ of course}

Rest on peace  Lee

Elaine Hall Rowe 1969

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